Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful day today where I live.  The humidity has pushed out and the sun has the morning sweet light that I love.  Feeling a little deflated, scared and confused due to the job situation.  Had a sweet friend actually drop off groceries for us the other day, very humbled by such loving friends.

Somethings got to give!

Well, I must say the pioneer skirt I was working on turned out pretty cute!  Don't look too close.  I didn't get a good photo of it but I got a good photo of my daughter and her pioneer buddy.

Notice the belt on the skirt?  I had to make sure we had a back up plan to keep it from falling around her ankles as she pushed her hand cart.

So the parents were asked to email a letter to their pioneer kid that they will read at campfire time.  She's the last of my 3 kids that I have spent years writing special letters to for different activities and I'm thinking at this point she's got to feel some level of special.  So here's my last "special child" letter.  I hope she takes it well....

Darlin Bailey,

I hope you don't have them there ticks, fleas or chiggers to contend with.  And I hope the heat's not sending ya to an early grave.  It's been a might bit toasty here in town, just hoping the prairie is being kind to you and that they're not going to have to bury you along the way.

Went to the local mercantile today to get supplies.  They be fresh plum out of hard tack and lard but I made do with some pop tarts and red bull.

Your one eyed dog chased off some varmits today and bout got himself bit by a rattler.  Chased the UPS wagon like he was a member of the Pony express.  That dad gum dog!

Got some washin dun and did some repair work on the suburban.  The garden's mighty overgrown and I've been fit to be tied over them dern weeds.  Won't be much cannin this fall.

Some prospectors came by to make an offer on the homestead but we aint taken the offer.  Waitin for some rich folks out of St. Joe to come out on the next train to make us a real offer.

Hope you're readin out of the Good Book and gettin some fire in ya.  We been workin on that Preach My Gospel program and know we'll be the better for it.

Your Pa still aint got no work, I'll be sending him out west soon in search of gold.

Well, we love ya and pray mightly for your well being.  Just put your shoulder to the wheel and push along.  Kindest regards, Ma and Pa Miller

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