Thursday, June 6, 2013

I know.....bor-ing.  But there is a very good reason for the boring blog page.  I'm 47 and I'm one of those tweeners stuck between knowing how to use a keyboard and never took a computer class kind of bloggers.  I'd say over the past 4 years I've started 10 blogs and never got past the user name and password portion of the design.  So I've given up on trying to get the look I want and I'm simply going to write, because writing is what I want more than cuteness.  Who knows, maybe the day will come that I can create something amazing here but until then we're going with the blue background and falling objects.

I will say though compared to a lot of people my age I am much more advanced in the world of social networking to the point where I sometimes surprise myself.  I operate my Facebook page quite strategically, occasionally I tweet, and I have 2 Instagram accounts that have over 150 followers each.  So I'd say I'm not totally lost when it comes to computer and networking skills. I just wish I really knew what I was doing.

Here is my family.

Uh, where's the download tab for pics?

Found it!  See I'm not totally useless.

It's me in the middle, my husband in red, our son Elliott and our daughters Sage (blonde) and Bailey (the other one).  They are the reason I've started this blog.

I want to share my story or stories of how we all started and how we all got to this point and how we ended up not only empty nesters but with an empty nest egg.

I hear it's pretty common today to be 50 and broke.  I hope it is or I'll feel lame if we're the only ones.

I also need a space to store all my ADD moments.  You see I'm very creative and there is no where to put it all.  So perhaps I can store it all here.  I love to cook, paint, draw, write, grow things and take pictures.  It's not uncommon for me to all of a sudden make a meal for the sole purpose of photographing it.  I tend to bounce around a lot and sometimes it gives me low self esteem, but on other occasions it gives me a lot of joy.

I'm hoping this blog page has more to it than what I see, maybe there are some cool tabs or something I'll accidentally run across.  But until then I will just write and maybe add a few pictures.

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