Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's just say it was wise to take a break from writing the past few days.  No one wants to read about depression and blackness even though when I think about it, no one is reading this blog so I guess it doesn't matter.

I'm still at the point of not publishing my thoughts as I don't want potential house buyers to see my current plight.  Fake it until you make it is a good motto!

Today we are posting our home on MLS.  I'm hoping this move will stir up some energy :)

In the mean time to perk myself up I've been having covert therapy sessions with my bestest friends at the local Sonic drive-in.  We have shut the place down the past two nights :)  We just sit in the car with the windows rolled down and discuss all our crazy thoughts and drink cokes.  First rule, nothing leaves the car!

I've also found some solace in my dear friend camera :)  Here's some cheery pics from my back yard!

 Eggs nesting in a carton I brought back from Moscow.
 My Jadite measuring cups sitting on the Hoosier cabinet
 My neighbors were generous!
 Presents I've been making resting on the chicken coop.

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