Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ugh, woke up this morning and wishing I could skip today.  We've had several "lookers" at the house this past week but no new offers.  My husband found out yesterday that the two most recent jobs he applied to turned him down.  So far he's had 3 companies fly him out for interviews and then said no.  Trying not to take anything personal right now. 

Also, just to add to my uncomfortable thoughts I'm fudging a sewing project for my daughter's pioneer trek which needs to be finished today.  Luckily I found an old skirt pattern and an apron pattern, very random that I had them.  Dug some prairie looking fabric scraps from my obsessive collection, replaced the broken needle off my machine that snapped several life times ago while trying to hike up my bra straps, got out the ironing board and started making up an outfit that would make Prairie Vogue proud.  But because I'm fudging it, anything could happen.

We did break it to our newly graduated senior that her dreams of attending The University of Alabama this fall are all but dead.  Who would have thought that a southern state school would cost $42,000 a year?!!  I put on my happy face and sweetly asked her if she had ever heard the term "gap year?"

So I'm off to photograph more of our belongings to post on Craigs List.  Last week I sold enough to pay our cell phone bill and buy a few groceries!  I've got about $7.00 in my purse, let's see what amazing things I can do with it today ;)

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